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What is ClinicWeb?

ClinicWeb is an integrated Clinical Management System for Medication Assisted Treatment Programs that tracks and records the daily clinical operations at all levels: client dosing and finances, inventory from DEA 222s to biennial audits, medical orders, urinalysis scheduling with results that are downloaded directly into the database over the Internet, client information from intake to discharge and a host of other information.

From the moment you sign in until you logout, ClinicWeb will assist you in managing your day’s work.

Customizable menus enable new and experienced users to process and track clients, finances, inventories, and dosing with total efficiency. ClinicWeb's Front Desk menu allows your staff to set up client schedules, assess charges, clear clients for entrance to the dispensing area, or place them on hold for appointments.

ClinicWeb will enable you to computerize both the client intake and discharge procedures. Re-admissions take seconds to input. The speed and efficiency of the system will enable you to raise client satisfaction and staff productivity.
ClinicWeb is everything you've wanted to maximize your workplace efficiency.
Client demographic information,
charges and payments
Medical information including
physician's orders, dosing
information and medical alerts
Methadone dispensing, inventory
and scheduling
Powerful, customized reports